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Whether the glass is half full or half empty, that’s philosophical. It could be an optimists or pessimists view to life respectively. What is you view? Is the glass just too big you can’t comprehend what’s in it?

Our outlook matters… Our opinion about this or that….our input makes a difference, leaving that indelible mark behind. Bill Cosby insinuates this “Is the glass half full, or half empty? It depends on whether you’re pouring, or drinking.” But, what does he mean? How do we view life?

This week has seen quite a number of dramatic events. An assistant judge of the highest supreme court in the country turns ‘Rambo’ on a security guard, who is faithfully executing her duty. An advisor and key personality in a high office in government goes berserk, for lack of a better word.

These two incidences have got me thinking about life in general. The role we play. My contribution to our society and I realize all this revolves around the perception we have, that of ourselves and others. Our perception affects our thinking of whether the glass is half full or half empty.

Think about it…. But let us focus on the positive, always.

Let’s have a good weekend keeping that in mind.


Iron Lady

Are you a woman with potential? if so , this is your year. I wish you all the very best in your endeavor. Remember, FAITH is you companion.

That Love is Choice?

To love or not to.

I bet this is a question that lingers in the minds of most of us young and old alike. Or rather most of us have been through such dilemma. I shall quote from an article I read recently, an excerpt from the novel “Midwinter Turns to Spring”.

“Love is not just a feeling. It’s a choice, a commitment, a way of behaving toward another. Love is not simply an event that happens to you. Rather, love is something you choose to do. The state of being in love is simply a prelude to love. But most people make the mistake of thinking they’re one and the same thing. We are all given circumstances by which we can exercise the choice to love. That’s the thunderbolt that God supplies. It’s that instant attraction to another person, those warm, fuzzy feelings, that fever akin to drunkenness or madness that causes you to know that you’re in love. But it’s what you choose to do after that thunderbolt has passed that matters. You choose whether you’re going to continue loving the other person after the drunkenness has dissipated, after the frills of romance have fallen away. You choose whether you’re going to continue to seek the best interests of the other person, and care about him or her through any and all circumstances — and for how long. Love is a conscious choice.”

On the basis of that I shall say Love is a choice you make every day of your life. In fact, what you think you feel is actually something you choose to feel. You make a choice to feel a certain way or not. That’s how you choose to control your emotions. This is true in most areas of life. In choosing to feel love, you need to choose sensibly because falling in love is not something you choose not to feel after a relationship went downhill. Same applies to fear of love. Love is here to stay, so embrace it.

I will not want to mention relationships here, I try to avoid that as am not an expert. Your all know what goes down that road, at-least for those who are or have experienced the moments. Love is a choice. It’s either you let that love happen or move on without even letting a feeling of love to occur. When making a choice, sometimes you feel you just have to grab it because after all you deserve it. Other times you feel you need to put another’s needs before your own. Love is a choice… a choice to take action.



Does this make any sense at all?

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A Heavy Burden

If the movie, “The Passion of Christ” is accurate in its depiction of what Christ went through, Then I must say that Christ went through a great deal of suffering and we just watched and led him on to the cross. After watching it for the forth fifth time I discover new facts about the passion. The very obvious ones are that the disciples were very strong men, and our Lord was even stronger. On the night of the arrest Peter and John fought the Roman soldiers single handedly trying to defend their master. Our lord is Stronger because even after the scourging he carries His Cross. That old rugged Cross, Amazing. Judas is just a loser, but still we learn a lot from him. Had he just confessed and never despaired. Hope plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Unlike our Lord, we men are not perfect in any way. “A just man falls seven times…” Prov 24:16. By the Cross our salvation is realized, though we are afraid of carrying it.
Another fact is that democracy began with Roman empire (let the people decide) and the rule was for the majority. When the people yell out, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” and Pilate has no choice and is forced to surrender to the wishes of the people. We cant blame him for allowing the suffering of our Lord. He had no power over it, and Jesus tells him very clearly, “You would have no power over me if it had not been given to you from above. For this reason the one who handed me over to you has the greater sin.” How many times do we hand over our Lord to be crucified, by our own wrong doings.
One last fact, the soldiers were merciless, crude, animals in nature. Today we see people who are worse than the Roman Soldiers. The drug barons, Arbotionists just to mention but a few.
Let us style up.

The Art of Thinking

In the next couple of weeks, I shall be sharing with you a couple of exciting excerpts from the book, ‘the art of thinking’ by Silvano Borruso. It has lots of interesting facts that I would love to share with you guys.

Art in Our Livelihood

It been a wonderful or rather amazing week. Indeed, a great moment to sit back and observe after a a few days off from work, since Christmas.  I believe the new year has implanted a new outlook within us, such as to see everything as a form and with imaginative insight to re-form these forms into something which has harmony, unity with variety, balance, rhythm – seeing the world as an artist.

We are all potential artists-almost all of us. There are but a few whom seem entirely wanting in capacity for understanding or creating; many have considerable ability; a few become great artists. It is a matter of degree. Art and the way of art exist for most of us-not only exist but permeate life, today as well as yesterday.

Life today, is more complex and its activities and contacts, however much they differ in number and breadth with the individual, are varied and pressing.

Well just warming up for the new year.

Good to be back.

My fears

To wake up one day morning and realize I have nowhere to go or nothing to do at all.

I just read a book by the title “Who moved my cheese?”. It is a well crafted piece, what an inspiration.

All of us Kenyans have to get a copy and make it a personal companion. Trust me it would end these

rat race that we’ve all got ourselves into. So please grub a copy and read.

Will be back again soon. Let me get organised.

Not About Politics

Politics aside. My main intention of starting the blog was not to get in to politics. I had intended this to be a technology only blog. Though, a lot is happening in my country that leaves you wondering, when shall people learn to live together in a community that upholds human values and moral principles that benefit its fellow-men. When shall we achieve that. An informed society is a wealthy one too. This wealth can only be found in people.

I am trying not to be political. Though a question I would ask you and me, does politics require ethics? At this juncture, I believe I can discuss anything under the sun, with complete emphasis on the moral issues affecting the matter.Being the custodian of this blog I shall post issues regarding any topic that affects me and my society at large.

All things affecting us and the stuff that will help us grow. Feel free to comment or criticize.

Now, let us go forth and vote wisely.


What is all this frenzy about Joe Biden visiting Kenya. Nairobi almost came to standstill.